GG's Journal

I really should edit this so I don't sound like such an immature kid...

Well...I look like me...I sound like me...I sort of act like myself...I'm so like me it's scary...I could even be my own twin!

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Name: Glitnir Gebo (penname)
Age: 22
Starsign: Libra/Glitnir
I: want to publish a novel, watch a lot of British shows, keep things neat and in good condition
I don't: swear, drink, smoke, take drugs, have sex, go to parties, or even show my knees (but that's because they look strange)

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Anime: Gravitation, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, GTO.
Movies: But I'm A Cheerleader, In & Out, The Core, Repo The Genetic Opera, Mars Attacks, Dracula AD 1972
Authors: James Clemens, Diana Wynne Jones, Jaida Jones & Danielle Bennett
TV show: Red Dwarf, The Monkees
Music: Linkin Park, The Monkees
Quote: I love quotes. ^^ “More sweet crackers, Master Black Heart? Another dollop of cream?”
Food: Spaghetti Bolognaise

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Job: Unemployed
Family: Mum, Dad, elder sister, younger sister...we're not what you'd call a happy family (my parents have issues...with each other)
Pets: Dog (Drama), Cat (Bimbo)
Education: Graduated from year 12 the day before I turned 17
Friends: My family moved so much I forgot how to make friends
Anything else: I'm not happy with my life at the moment

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Deviantart: I don't post as much as I'd like, but I'm still learning
Youtube Channel: Video blogs and just general boredom and ranting on my behalf